Dress Policy

As outlined in the Pennsylvania School Code, students have the responsibility to "dress and groom to meet the fair standards of safety and health and not to cause disruption to the educational process." We have confidence that our students and parents will make decisions that constitute appropriate attire and appearance. The JMS dress guidelines should help in the decision-making process at home.

Students’ dress shall conform to the present community standards of health, safety, decency, optimum learning conditions and good taste. Students have the



responsibility to keep themselves, their clothes, and their hair clean. School officials may impose limitations on dress when the attire causes disruption of the educational process or constitutes a health/safety hazard.

BRIEF AND REVEALING CLOTHING: Students shall not wear revealing tops, shorts, dresses, skirts, or pants. Students are prohibited from wearing open-weave or see-through garments that expose inappropriate body parts or undergarments. Tops should appropriately cover bellies and backs when students are standing or seated. Shorts should appropriately cover the body when standing or seated. Torn jeans exposing inappropriate body parts and undergarments are prohibited.

CLOTHING WITH MESSAGES: Students shall not wear clothing items that are suggestive, obscene, vulgar, offensive or libelous, that denigrate others on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Clothing that advertises or promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco or violence is not permitted.

HATS: Students shall not wear hats, hoods, or bandanas except for medical or religious reasons.



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