Eighth Graders Receive High Honors at the 85th annual PJAS Science Fair


Kudos to four JMS students who placed first at the 85th annual PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science) science fair held recently at Duquesne University. All four received a first place honor and will be traveling in May to the state competition at Penn State University. 

Alexander Stefanov received first place with a perfect score and four special awards:

  • The Director's Award
  • The American Chemical Society Award for Excellence in Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • The American Society of Civil Engineering Award
  • The Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry and Biochemistry for his project "Cleaning Water with Flocculation".    

Laila Polat received first place for her experiment "Rate of Absorption of Various Medications- Disintegration Rates of Common Ibuprofen Products".

Sally Tan received first place and a Duquesne medal of Science recognition for her experiment "Morse Code translator" (made with Raspberry Pi).

Jessica Yang received first place for her experiment "The Effect of Prior Knowledge in 24 Game".


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