School Counseling

The mission of the middle school counseling department is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate school counseling program. Programming is based on national standards, addressing the academic, social, personal and career development of each and every student. School counselors advocate for students in collaboration with parents/families, teachers, support services staff and administrators.


School Counseling Faculty and Staff

School Counselor Ms. Allison Levison 412-344-2125 Wildfire team and grade 7
School Counselor Mr. Peter Berg 412-344-2025 Twister team and grade 8
Secretary Mrs. Joelle Klaber 412-344-2124



Naviance/Family Connections

The Mt. Lebanon Middle School Counseling Department would like to welcome you to Naviance, your all inclusive career information program. We are excited as it provides you with detailed information on over 1,500 career choices.

For Jefferson Middle School Students:

  • Visit the Naviance Website or login to the Naviance Family Connection site.
  • In the email box, type: the first initial of your first name, your last name, the last two digits of your student id number.
  • In the password box, type: your student id number. Then click “Log in”.


Summer school is highly recommended for students who fail one core subject to help build a foundation for the next level. Summer school is required for students who fail two or more core subjects. Participating in a summer course will help your child be better prepared for next year’s academic challenges.

The Mt. Lebanon School District utilizes the Waterfront Learning Program, which offers online recovery courses. Registration for summer school must be completed by July 12, 2018. Registration should be completed online at that are required to complete summer course(s) will receive notification via a letter from the school.

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